Bed Bugs Costa del Sol

Bed Bugs

They are back! By the start of the 1970's Bed Bugs had all been eradicated in western society, but for many reasons including the increase in travel and the ever-increasing transient population, they have returned with a vengeance.

They await you sleeping and then when your CO2 output is slowing they come out to play and suck your blood. In extreme cases they can cause parasitic anaemia, especially in the young and elderly, cause very uncomfortable bites, rashes and are generally unpleasant. Getting rid of your bed doesn't solve it ...we do!.

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These parasites are usually no more than ΒΌ inch in length in their adult state and can engorge themselves with human blood in less than 15 minutes causing their bodies to fill to as much as three times its usual size. Fully engorged bed bugs bear little resemblance to their original state and are often thought to be a different insect altogether.