Cockroaches Costa del Sol


People think that cockroaches are part and parcel of life on the Costa del Sol - WRONG! They should not be treated lightly as they spread and carry disease, they come from sewers remember! Un-checked they will quickly colonise your home or business.

As a business this can have a devastating financial impact, nobody wants to see cockroaches running around a bar or restaurant. To the family the health implications can be great too due to their ability to spread pathogens, and cockroach droppings are an irritant to people who suffer with conditions such as Asthma. Protect your investment and your family. At Local Pest Solutions, We use the latest in products and techniques to rid you of these Pests.

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Cockroaches have white blood, and primarily come out for water, not food. A cockroach can survive a month without eating but only a week without water. A cockroach can live for a week without a head.