Rats Costa del Sol


What can we say? David Attenborough describes them as "the only animal that I have an absolute hatred for". The SAS advises that you should not eat them under any circumstances. To you and I, they are the ultimate in filthy vermin.

They carry disease; ruin food, gnaw electronic cables and can cause fires and massive amounts of damage to the fabric of buildings and underground drainage systems. We can get them under control quickly and effectively using the latest products, which are second-generation anti-coagulants.

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Wild rats live off man and give nothing beneficial in return. Rats spread disease, damage structures and contaminate food and feed. Rats damage one-fifth of the world's food crop each year. The real damage is in contamination. One pair of rats shed more than one million body hairs each year and a single rat leaves 25,000 droppings in a year.